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Fire Safety- It Starts at Home!

What Everyone Needs to Know

Practice Safety as a Family

Family "togetherness" will never be more important than in the event of a fire and your family is forced to escape from the home!

A Family that practices together, escapes together! In the event of a fire, all members of your family must react immediately if they are to have the best chance to escape unharmed. Preparing, and practicing, a Family Escape Plan will assure that all memebers of your family know what to do if ever faced with a fire within the home.

Below is an example of a family escape plan. Notice that it is simple and easy to understand. Children must be able to comprehend the information shown, so only include information that's neccessary to accomplish this goal.

What to included-

·        Names of each room- (kitchen, bath, master bedroom, girl's bedroom, Timmy's room, etc.)

·        Two exits from every room-You should make every effort to include at least TWO escape routes from every room. In the event that fire blocks one exit route, a secondary exit becomes the difference between life and death. Your secondary, or alternate, exit can be another door or window. If using a window as a secondary exit, make sure the window is (1) easy for a child to open and (2) easy for a child to drop to the ground once outside. If the window is located on a second level, or high enough from the ground to make impossible to drop safely, think about the purchase of a safety ladder.

·        Safe Meeting Place- A "Safe Meeting Place" is a designated location outside the home where your family will gather once outside the home.

Choose your meeting place with these thoughts in mind:

a)      Proximity- A safe meeting place should be close to the home, but not so close as to be in danger from the fire.

b)      "Location, location, location"- It's important that your safe meeting place is located in front of the house. It is very important that fire safety personnel easily see you as they arrive so (a) they will know you are out of the home, and (b) you will be able to quickly inform them if someone has not made it out of the house.

c)      "X marks the spot!"-Pick a safe meeting place that will be easy to find whether it is day or night. The best way to do this is by selecting a safe meeting place that is clearly marked by a non-moving item, such as a telephone pole, tree or neigbor's front porch. Do not use anything that may move, such as a car, and avoid picking a location that will place you in the way of emergency personnel or equipment.

·        See the example below:

The best Family Escape Plan will mean very little if it's not practiced! Together as a family, you should practice escaping from a fire at least twice a year. Practice your escapes from all rooms of the house. At the same time, you should be practicing Fire Safety Basics, going over the concepts of fire safety, including staying low when there's smoke, getting out quickly, and once outside, staying outside.

A great way to practice fire safety basics is by using our Fire Safety CD, or using other "fun and creative ways" that keep your child's interest while learning at the same time.

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